1 Dr. M.N. Phad In charge Principal Chairman
2 Dr. V.C. Oak Asst. Professor Member
3 Mr. A.N. Murumkar Asst. Professor Member
4 Dr. A.R. Shahane Asst. Professor Member
5 Mr. N.B. Saste Librarian Secretary









1 On Working Days 8.30am to 4.30 pm
2 During Vacation 8.30amto 4.30 pm
3 20 days before Examination 8.30 am to 7.00 pm

* Total area of the library – 7680 Sq. Mts.

* Total seating capacity:  200







No.     Cost


No.        Cost


No.            Cost


No.      Cost

 Text Books 260 76215 193 52249 265 82902 185 48525


52 53820 116 64631 105 82890 73 61555
BCUD Project 00 00 00 00 15 27353 23 46480
Journals 16 71245 17 55822 30 79390 22 64424
E resources 0 0 02 6000 02 6500 01 6500
Newspapers 07 7811 10 11632 10 14301 11 16424
Total Nos. 335 174957  328 155713    416 208708 313 188778


* Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) – The College has developed OPAC facility to locate the material available in the library.

* Electronic Resource Management package for e-journals: The College has provided access to e-journals is through INFLIBNET facility.

* Federated searching tools to search articles in multiple databases – The College has subscribed to Manupatra online database which has federated searching tools for searching the articles on various topics of law.

* Library Website – There is no separate website for the Library. However, a link is provided on College website through which library resources can be known.

* In-house/remote access to e-publications: From INFLIBNET, a number of e journals are accessible.

* Library automation – The library is automated. The College is using the Library software developed by Biyani Technologies Ltd.

* Total number of computers for public access 17 Desktops

* Total numbers of printers for public access 1

* Internet band width speed 10 mbps

* Institutional Repository

The College keeps record of library material and college related information in servers. It contains Project Reports, Photographs, Prospectus, Journals and other information.

* Content management system for e-learning -There is no content management system developed for e-learning

* Participation in Resource sharing networks/consortia: So far no sharing facility is available in the library

* Average number of walk-ins 45

* Average number of books issued/returned: 50 to 55 per day

* Ratio of library books to students enrolled Books: Students = 22: 1

* Average number of books added during last three years -309

* Average number of login to OPAC – OPAC is recently started and no data is available

* Average number of login to e-resources 5 per day

* Average number of e-resources downloaded/printed 3 per day

* Number of information literacy trainings organized – 2

* Details of “weeding out” of books and other materials -There is no weeding out policy as yet since the drastic change in syllabi has not taken place so far.

* Manuscripts

Library maintains the written memorials of Moot Court Competition. Research work of faculty and students is also maintained in the Library.

* Reference

Library has separate reference section.

* Reprography

College Library provides reprography facility to students, faculty members and all library users. Printer, scanner and photocopy machine is available for the same in the library.

* ILL (Inter Library Loan Service)

The College has Inter library borrowing facility with Central Library of Vidya Pratishthan’s Arts Science and Commerce College which is in the campus.

* Information deployment and notification (Information Deployment and Notification)

Library conveys the information about latest acquisitions to faculty members and students by displaying the books on the display board in library. A separate list of latest acquisitions is prepared and sent to faculty members and students. Latest book catalogues received from various publications are also shown to faculty members to make them aware about new titles, new editions etc. Library also gives related information to faculty members through e-mails.

* Download and printing

In the Computer Lab downloading and printing facility is available for students, faculty members and other users like alumni or advocates.


* Reading list/ Bibliography compilation:

At the College library, reading list is made available to the users at Circulation Counter. Books are arranged according to Divide Decimal Classification (DDC), 22nd ed.

* In-house/remote access to e-resources

College library provides access to e-journal database like EBSCO, OPAC and also some open access e-journals and e-books through a link on College website.

* User Orientation and awareness :

The Librarian delivers a lecture for all the students informing them about the library resources

* Assistance in searching Databases

The computer instructor is always ready to help the users in searching the databases

* INFLIBNET facility

INFLIBNET Facility is subscribed by the College. The faculty members as well as the students use this facility for socio-legal research.

The library staff and computer instructor assist the teachers and students in legal research and learning of law.  The following support is provided by the Library Staff to the students, faculty members and other users:

Apart from home lending, the following services are provided to the users by the Library Staff:

  • Information about current titles
  • Information about new acquisition
  • Information about new journals
  • Newspaper clippings on latest judgments of Supreme Court and important legal issues
  • Question paper sets
  • Competitive examination books
  • List of articles is provided to faculty members and students on demand
  • Reprography service
  • Email and social media messages